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Help Us in Our Mission to Make Our Community Greener
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As we strive to be a leader in the fight for a greener future. Our goal is not to collect only value from electronics but rather create a 100% closed-loop recycling system for our area where items are used and turned into new products or converted back to raw material. Keeping recycled resources in the United States strengthens the economy and reduces the transportation carbon footprint.
Our priority item is plastic, so we plan on moving to a larger facility with the necessary equipment to process electronics and plastics into usable pellets for manufacturing. 


We are a veteran-owned business that loves the USA and beauty central Florida adds to our country. Support our mission to promote recycling by helping our cause. By donating and purchasing our recycling services, you are helping fund our efforts to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and the positive effect it can have on the environment. 

Additional Ways to Help Support Us
  • Bring in electornics, movies, records, vinyl, video games, old software.

  • Share with Friend and Neighbors

  • Post on local community bulletin boards

  • Have us host an electronic recycling event in your HOA, Neighborhood, community ( Email Us Here)

  • Subscribing to our Newsletter and Social Media 

Support Our Cause
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