Frequently asked questions

What type of electronics are accepted for recycling ?

Any Computer | Desktop |Apple | Laptop | Tower Cell Phones | iPads | iPhones | Samsungs | LG | Any Cellphones DVD Player's | Blu-Ray | VCR's Printers | Copiers |Software | CD's & DVD's | Older TV's | Flat Screen Moniters | CRT Moniters | Cuircut Boards |Hard Drives | Servers| Batteries |UPS Battery Backups Printer Cartridges |Toner Drums Video Game Systems Televisions | Floopy Disk | Routers | Cable Boxes | Telephones |

What do you do with the electronics recycled ?

We recycle in various ways to provide critical components and materials, which allow independent repair and consumers to repair their electronics saving more than money. Many electronics manufacturers do not make parts available for purchase simply to force the consumer to purchase another device. Here's how we do it. Refurbishment: Some devices can be cleaned, repaired, and tested to give them a 2nd life. Parts Removal: Electronics broken and obsolete can provide components needed to repair other devices. Raw Materials: Devices deemed beyond repair are disassembled, sorted, and sent to processing facilities.

What happend to the data on my computer or device ?

We will remove your harddrive from the device upon request which can be used for safekeeping as a backup . Placing your harddrive in a protected space such as a safe deposit box, or with a family member can provide key information and memories when needed most. In the future we will be providing drive shredding services for all.

Is their a fee to recycle items ?

Never, our mission is to provibe free stustainable recycling to residentals with ease and truely help the enviroment inwhich we are passinate about saving for the future. We believe instant result which is why we offer free wildflower seeds and live tree seedlings to everyone who recycles.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to recycle electronics ?

For now we reccomeend using our on portal to request a e-recycling pickup. We do accept text messaging request along with voice calls during business hours.

How do you make a profit from recycling my electronics ?

Recycling electronics has costs associated with fuel, insurance, labor, certifications, facility expenses, to name a few. We make a return by selling refurbished devices, parts and processing minimal raw materials. Devices which contain hazardous component are expensive to send to processing facilities and require freight shipping. On top of our expenses, we purchase live tree seedlings and wildflower seeds
for everyone who recycles.

Are you in complaince with State and Federal electronoic recycling standards and practices?

Yes, We are in accordance with the State of Flordia and Federal Environmental Protection Agency reccommendations and requirements.