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Local Electronics Recycling

We Accept Older, Broken, and Obsolete Electronics for Recycling




We're a small local electronics recycler making it easy for residents to recycle electronics regularly while advancing awareness on not being part of a "throwaway society" as many tech companies encourage today. Sustainable recycling is the only way we can decrease the United States' dependency on electronic parts from overseas counties.  

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Why Recycle
  • Reduce the Overseas Electronics Dependency

  • A tree is planted in Florida for every electronic recycled

  • Supports Independent Repair and US Small Businesses

  • Creates jobs Locally and Nationally

  • Lowers Environmental Landfill Waste

  • Refurbished Parts Can Be Used In Repair

  • Veteran Led Business

How it works ...
Step 1.

Fill out our easy recycling request form by entering and answering a few quick questions. 

Step 2.

At the your convenience, we will schedule a  time

to arrange safe & friendly recycling pickup at  (No Cost)

Step 3.

Since we follow a strict Zero Landfill policy, all items are recycled using eco-friendly options along with providing you a (No Cost) Flower pack for doing your part.

"We can't recycle the tv without recycling  iPhones."

We refurbish and separate electronics into manageable items to offset the cost of processing hazardous electronics which contain may mercury, lead, and other harmful metals.              


Our Mission 

   Our goal is to provide convenient electronic recycling options for home residents while implementing a safe data disposal and zero-landfill policy.  We achieve this in several ways by repairing some items to give them a second life. Electronics beyond repair provide parts for devices that reduce

e-waste and can help reduce the waste piling in our landfills.

We have committed to planting a tree in Florida for every electronic device recycling through our facility. As a reward for helping the earth, we give all who recycle the choice of free tree seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation or Wildflower seeds from American Meadow's to plant the same day you recycle.

  • Thu, Apr 22
    We are holding our first annual Earth Day E-Recycling drop-off event for our community. We welcome you to come to recycle your obsolete electronics and pick up one of our free earth day planter pack.