Our Mission 

Electronics considered broken and obsolete do not necessarily mean their fate will end in a landfill.

Our mission has been to continue a consistent and sustainable electronics recycling program for residential homeowners.

The truth is many local governments hold semi-annual electronics recycling events hosted by giant corporations, which give nothing for the community it benefits from recycling. In addition, many people cannot keep electronics for up to 6-12 months to recycle.  Instant results bring action quicker aid to environmental issues, so we come in to make the change.  

We give free plants, seeds, and educational information when we pick up the e-waste to be recycled.

How it works ...
Step 1.

Fill out our easy recycling request form by entering and answering a few quick questions. 

Step 2.

At the your convenience, we will schedule a  time

to arrange safe & friendly recycling pickup at  (No Cost)

"Sustainable e-recycling is the only way to decrease the United States dependency on overseas parts."

Step 3.

Since we follow a strict Zero Landfill policy, all items are recycled using eco-friendly options along with providing you a (No Cost) Flower pack for doing your part.


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